Saying Goodbye

When it’s time to say goodbye to your loved one you will want the occasion to be as special and as individual as they were. You will want to celebrate their life in a ceremony that is unique with words, readings and music that had special meaningful for them.

For those whose lives were inseparable from the church, a religious ceremony, led by a Minister, is usually the natural choice. For others who had no belief, a ceremony led by a humanist may be appropriate. But if your loved one wasn’t a regular church goer but, nevertheless they had faith and they enjoyed a favourite hymn, a prayer or a religious reading, then a civil funeral ceremony, led by a civil funeral celebrant, is likely to be the right choice.

A civil funeral ceremony is as individual as your loved one and it’s shaped by their values and your wishes. It can be held at a crematorium, cemetery or natural burial site and it provides a respectful celebration of their life.

As a Civil Funeral Celebrant I will meet you in the comfort of your home to gently discuss with you your choices and to hear about the life of your loved one so that I can write and deliver a ceremony that celebrates their qualities and achievements, their passions and their influence.